I have an erection

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Sign Language



Typography by illustrator Andy Smith, lots of nice work on his website and flickr. He’s worked on a variety of book covers, editorial and advertising projects, not surprising considering his super vibrant style! He also sells plenty of nice things in his shop, wouldn’t mind a few of them!

Was reminded of his work by this post on the CR Blog about the amount of creatives producing printed newspapers, partly thanks to Newspaper Club, whose co-founder Russel Davies came and spoke at NUCA a few weeks ago. Also on the subject of newspapers I handed in all the work for my university degree yesterday! And my class will hopefully be producing a newspaper to give out at the degree show and D&AD New Blood. 


Anatomical Technology 

Created by Mads Peitersen


Oh me, oh my. Yes. Please.

If you got enough rupees…

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